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Why do I need a tripod?

One of the best accessories you can get to improve your photography is to invest in a good tripod, actually its more of an assential purchase.

The primary causes of unsatisfactory photos is camera shake. Camera shake is the unwanted movement of camera and lens being caught during the capture of a shot. This translates to blurry photos,often blurry enough to ruin the shot completely. The tripod is instrumental in eliminating camera shake. It provides a very stable platform onto which you can mount your camera, preventing it from moving and spoiling your shots.

The pocket tripods

These are miniature tripods designed for small compact cameras and are ideal for table-top use, or for positioning your camera for a self timer group shot.

Mid range tripods

Often referred to as travel tripods, these are designed for general use where low weight and portability is an important factor. They suitable for most types of cameras.

Proffesional tripods

Offer the best rigidity and support for even haviest cameras and lenses, but they are havier then other types of tripods.

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