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Basic composition -The rule of thirds

The rule of thirds

The most commonly used compositional technique is called the Rule of Thirds, and its really very simple.

This rule means you have to imagine your camera screen devided to 3 thirds like in the pic above and position the subject in the pic in the 2 third position. The reason it works is because the subject is now position off-center and it makes the picture more appealing.

The Rule of Thirds works just as well in vertical format shots, and is useful in landscape photography , since features on the horizon makes a natural dividing line.

Portraits can also benefit from Rule of Thirds composition. By positioning subject's eye at a point where the imaginary lines intersect, will give your portrait balance and really help to draw the viewer's attention into the picture.

Most digital cameras feature an option to superimpose the Rule of Thirds grid on the monitor screen to make this type of composition easier. Now you know why its there.

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